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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Obama Power - Is it too much or too little

Power gets a bad rap and in some cases rightly so. How does that happen?  It gets a bad rap when a person who is entrusted with power abuses it. I'm not talking about just the President here but anyone who is in a high level position whether it be in government or the CEO of a company.

Let's face it, these are positions that few people want because they require so much responsibility, time, and effort. And yet for a few, they are attracted to the very things that scare others off.

The world needs people who are willing, and hopefully able, to take charge in order to get things done. And when things need to get done, there isn't much room for debate and discussion. Take for instance a commander in the military, when lives are on the line it's do as I say immediately without question. Being a leader means taking charge of the situation by gathering the necessary information to make an informed decision, it means putting the right people in place to get the job done, following up to make sure it's completed right and finally taking full responsibility for its success as well as its failure.

So what qualities would a person have to be attracted to a power position? In the Core Passion TM Profile, the Passion Power is defined as the CEO, General and Authority. There is a gift in having the passion Power and that is the ability to size up any situation and create a plan for completion. The person has the ability to organize and see the larger picture as well as small details. He also has the strength and courage to undertake large projects, financial risks and the management of large organizations.

Of course the greater the gift of Power the greater the challenge that goes with it. The challenges that the passion of power presents is to resist being consumed by the acquisition of wealth and well as using your executive abilities without ordering, intimidating, and dominating people.

So what would this person look like? It is seen as a need to control your environment and surroundings. He demands to be in control and will not settle for anything less. His creed is truth, honesty, and results.  He is an organizer and an administrator.  He has strong principles and a sense of order.  His friends tend to be successful business professionals with whom he can share and from whom he can learn.  He is self-confident and implements his ideas rather abruptly.  He's comfortable in the role of advisor or leader.  He is a rather strict authoritative figure and become defensive if challenged.

As with all passions (everyone has 12 core passions) he is weaving in and out of his gift and challenge of it. So what does it look like when he's in his gift? He would be assertive, problem-solver, good-at-management, and achieve excellence. When he's in the challenge of it, he could swing anywhere from being abusive, biased, egotistical, indifferent, apathetic, poor judgement, misdirect, to oblivious.

So is Obama power to much or too little? You just read what the passion of power looks and sounds like. You can make the decision for yourself. Personally since I know all 12 Core Passions, I would say his power is one of his top passions but not his strongest. People who are liberal tend to have more of the passion of compassion and in Obama's case I would say the passion of Inspiration and Recognition are what motivates him.

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