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Thursday, November 17, 2016

What does it mean you didn’t come here to do this?

What does it mean you didn’t come here to do this?

That probably seems like a strange name for a blog. Let me explain.
There are two things going on with the title.

1)   The title is intended to address situations in which people find themselves, one day realizing that they should be doing something different. From a spiritual perspective, realizing or having the feeling that they should be doing something more important or significant with their life. They’ve discovered that their life isn’t as fulfilling and happy as they thought it would be. Perhaps they got caught up in what others thought they should be and do instead of going with their inner gut instinct of what’s right for them. One day the person understands them self and declares “I didn’t come here to do this.”

2)   The other part of the title is a trick of the mind. The mind doesn’t pick up on negative and will unconsciously take out the negative and turn it into a positive statement. Therefore, the mind interprets the title to be, “I did come here to do this.” Tricky huh?

My blog draws the people in who aren’t satisfied with where they’re at but at the same time want to find out what they did come here to do.  

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