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Monday, May 2, 2016

Nobody is Perfect

Nobody’s Perfect

Guess again.  Don’t strain yourself on this one because it’s not a “who” that’s perfect but a “what”.  What’s perfect, nature?

It may teeter a bit one way or another but it’s always striving to remain in perfect harmony.  It may not appear that way to us humans but nature has been doing fine long before we arrived.  All the natural resources that existed eons ago are still here. We can learn a lot from nature.

Species come and go naturally on their own without any interference from humans.  Some species evolve, adapt, and expand like the various types of big cats and bears while others disappear like the dinosaurs.  The same can be said for the various types of indigenous people and cultures that we now know existed.

We live in a world of constant change.  As a human race we can learn to adapt and evolve or we will also become extinct.  That’s not to say that we’ll all die but rather our cultures and way of life will no longer look the same tomorrow as it does today, but then nothing ever does stay the same does it?

Is that bad? No. Who’d want to stay the same anyway?  That’s boring.  It’s going to change with or without your cooperation so you might as well get over it and go with the flow.  Instead of viewing change as the enemy view it as an adventure with the attitude, “I wonder what life has in store for me today.”

The whole world is in chaos right now.  There are still some adjustments that need to be made before the pendulum can swing back and find its own harmony again. Out of chaos comes order.  Unfortunately, we are still in the chaos stage. Part of the reason is that change is being forced on people instead of letting it evolve naturally like nature.

Action Step:  If you look at our own life and compare it to one, three or five years ago, where are you on the pendulum swing?  Are you still swinging more to chaos or do you feel you’re on the back swing and you’re finally adjusting to a new order? Are you getting the swing of things? Pun intended. Take comfort that order is on the way and like nature we’re also striving for harmony.

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