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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Will the Truth Set You Free?


Recently I was in the hot seat for something I said. A person had accused me of some things to my superior and the superior’s reaction was to move me to another location for a while. What caused me to be in trouble is that I truthfully told others why I was being moved and what caused the move. Basically I got in trouble for telling the truth. Even my superior found it odd that I didn’t lie, fib or be vague about the change.

My question is why? Why should I lie? What do I have to hide? People who lie have something to hide or are trying to save face. In my case, I have no problem exposing myself. Why, because the truth will set me free?

How so you ask? Will it get me out of my bind? I don’t know but what it will do is free my conscious mind of any negative feelings. By telling the truth my spirit is at peace.

I think deep down my parents knew this. As a child I would have been is greater trouble for lying then by telling the truth no matter what the outcome.  I still may have received a lecture but there wouldn’t be any severe punishment.  My parents choose to reward truthfulness. I must say that the lesson was passed down as I too would be more upset over catching my child lying about what she did or said. It certainly sends a strong message of what is important.

I’ve spoken about this before but imagine if you knew the true intentions of your employer, spouse or politician? Would you make the same conclusion about them? Would you stay employed or move on? Would you still vote for the politician who only said the things you wanted to hear but in reality had no intention of following through with them? Everything is out in the open.

Let’s say you did choose to stay or vote knowing the truth, what then? Well then you only have yourself to blame when it doesn’t work out the way you’d like it to. It’s not what people like to hear but it’s the truth.

Truth, responsibility and freedom are intertwined. Knowing the truth and taking responsibility for your decisions really does give you freedom because knowing the truth helps you make better decisions. The truth can be harsh but in the end it really does set you free.

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