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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

If it Feels Good - Do it

When I refer to “feels” good I don’t mean in the physical sense but in the emotional sense.

When a thought comes to you about an action you should take ask yourself how it will make you feel. Does it feel right or are some negative, doubtful emotions tagging along for the ride? That’s your barometer. If it feels right, down to your core, then do it. Others may not agree with you but for you it’s the right thing to do. It means you’re in alignment with your inner Being. Conversely, if you have doubts it’s also your barometer telling you that something isn’t right, you may not be able to pinpoint your doubt, it’s just a gut feeling, but listen to it.  It’s your guidance system for your well being. It’s telling you not to do it. Listen to it.

The hardest part is actually stopping your forward movement to actually assess what your emotions or gut feeling is telling you. Life can be so busy going from one thing to another it’s not doable. However, I can honestly say that when I look back at my life and the choices I’ve made, my gut instinct was always right in the long run. It doesn’t mean I listened to it at the time. I brushed it off as being paranoid. Boy was I wrong.

And here’s another thing, when you have those positive, feel good emotions about an action, person or whatever, it means you’re in alignment with who you are. Go for it.

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