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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What’s the Magic Key to Unlock Your Potential?

YOU! You have the key.  The hard part is figuring out where the lock is. In addition, do you have what it takes to really look inside? If you do then you’ll tap into your full potential.

It’s about discovering and then discarding the beliefs that are not serving you and replacing them with ones that align with your true nature. It’s critical in order to change your results.

You need to take responsibility for your beliefs. That’s easier said than done because there are some that are so deep seated you may not even realize they’re holding you back. Identifying them is hard. Often you need to actively question them or have an outsider bring them to your attention. It means accepting personal responsibility for those beliefs as well as what caused them. Every choice and consequence, every thought, feeling or emotion you’ve experienced, the actions you’ve taken, every story you’ve told about yourself, others and life events. This includes the negative thoughts and feelings associated with those beliefs. All the above is the accumulations of your current life.

It’s the thought that’s sets everything in motion. Each thought, negative and positive shapes your beliefs about yourself others and what’s happening around you. The thoughts eventually become beliefs that manifest in your words and actions which then become your results. For example you may have grown up with parents who said things like, “Money doesn’t grow on tress”, We can’t afford that, or Get a good education, work hard and you’ll get ahead in life”.

All those statements will lead the receiver believing that money is hard to come by and you have to work hard to get it. I still struggle with this myself but I’m working on it.  Obviously that’s not true because look at all the celebrities who work just a few months a year and rake in millions of dollars. To top it off, some of them really aren’t that talented.

Work on changing your thoughts to produce positive beliefs that you really want to accomplish. You have and deserve to win the lottery just as much as anyone else. Believe you can. Now take action and go purchase a ticket. Ka..ching!

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