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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Inner Child Gone Wild

This past summer I went to Disney World 30+ years after my first visit. However, this time I saw it from a creative and business point of view. I marveled at all the different theme parks, the imagination that went into creating it and the logistics of maintaining it. It sure has grown.

To think it all started with one man’s vision, and a big one it was. Who would have thought a cartoon mouse could have developed into a multiple theme park that people from all over the world would one day visit. It truly is amazing.

Where did it begin, in Walt Disney’s imagination? That’s where all creativity starts, in your mind. You have a thought and you keep adding more to it. Eventually you take action and wah..la. You’ve created something. The sky is the limit when you use your imagination. Anything is possible. An imagination is the spring board for creativity.

Creativity is defined as the ability to take a unique idea or thought and create a colorful image for yourself and others to enjoy. We all have the ability to create to one degree or another however society tends to regard writers, singers, movie makers, musicians and artists as the only creative ones. This is not true. However, these people have a strong passion to express themselves. It’s something they must do.

Walt Disney falls into this category. As an artist who drew he continued to work on improving his characters even after being rejected. That didn’t stop him because drawing was something he had to do. He definitely let his inner child run wild. He created many cartoon characters that are still known today. Even after Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto characters were cemented in our lives he continued to expand and build upon his vision. What else could he do to bring joy to others?

In addition to Disney theme parks there’s a whole movie company built around good family entertainment. Walt Disney had a vision over 50 years ago that continues to grow today.

What a feeling it must be to bring so many smiles, laughter and joy to so many people. WOW!

And what made him so great? He listened to his inner child of creativity and let his imagination run wild. The world has been changed forever because of one man’s imagination.

Thank you so very much, Walt.

What can your imagination do?

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