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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What Cell Phones can Teach us About Faith?

Telephones still amaze me. You can dial a number across the world and in just a few seconds you’re connected. Amazing! It just baffles my mind how Alexander Graham Bell even had the thought that it was possible. Look at us now!

How about radio? Who knew all those radio waves were always around us just waiting to be tapped. Makes you wonder what else is out there to be discovered. We’ve probably only scratched the surface.

Combine the two and what have you got – cell phones. Who today doesn’t have a cell phone, not many? They’re everywhere and being used for all sorts of things. How many applications do you have?

They’re getting to be so common and such an integral part of our daily lives that some people can’t live without them. Teenagers practically can’t communicate without them. If they’re not talking on them they’re texting, listening to music or playing a game. They’re taken for granted.

What confuses me about some people is how they can grasp the concept of everyday technology that they can’t see or understand yet question the existence of a higher power because they can’t see, hear or feel it. They need proof.

Does everything have to be proven first to be believed? Science is an avenue for proof. It’s the mind saying convince me or to say that it’s right. Technology is the vehicle for the possibilities. It’s the concept put into physical form.

You can’t see radio waves but we know they do exist. It’s evident in the cell phones we use every day. In fact we can have various types of information transported by using a different frequency. We know that carbon monoxide can kill you but we can’t smell it. We know there are sounds that the human ear can’t hear but other animals can hear them. Why then is it so hard to grasp spirit? Seeing, hearing and feeling aren’t a prerequisite for believing. Sometimes you just know something is right because it feels right.

Intuition is like that. It just feels right. It directs you to do what’s best for you. You can’t see it but you can hear it if you pay attention to it. It’s not about proof but about trust, it’s trusting yourself enough to listen to what’s best for you. It’s having the faith that it’s coming from a higher power.

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