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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

There are a while lot of people who would like to know the answer to that question. They may spend years trying to figure it out, searching in all the wrong places, but then again maybe not.

All the life experiences you have are getting you closer and closer to your answer. With each new job, activity or situation you weed out what you do want from what you don’t want. You find yourself making decisions about it without possibly being conscious of it. It helps you make the distinction between what you value and makes you happy versus what you can do without.

However, wouldn’t it be great if you could save your time and energy to get it right to the heart of it? You can - more on that later.

When I first asked myself this very question I got caught up in the “doing” part of it as in what am I supposed to be doing when I grow up. Therefore, professions and crafts entered my mind. Then I got caught up in the description of the profession as in what kind of education was required, what would a normal day look like and what kind of salary could I expect. Those things alone took a few potential prospects out of the picture. These were all distractions from what I was truly looking for.

It took 30 years before I took the time to analyze this question. When I realized what I really wanted to know is what am I supposed to “be” when I grow up, the question took on a whole new meaning. To “be” meant things like happy, productive, respected, kind, loyal and loving. It’s not a profession anymore but what I want to be on the inside. And in the end, isn’t that what we all want from life?

And then another revelation happened, I realized what I really was asking is what is my purpose in life which isn’t a “doing” thing at all. What would give me the most satisfaction? What am I supposed to doing here while I’m on earth?

What an awakening revelation!

When you ask yourself what you should be when you grow up what are you REALLY asking? Are you like me asking what your purpose is or do you want to know the profession you should be in? It’s something to think about.

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