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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Osama was Wrong. Surprise!

That’s the word from the Light Collective.

The Light Collective is a very large group of spiritual beings who are channeled through Kathryn Harwig. I’ve been going to the forums for over a year now where anyone in the audience can ask a question of the Light Collective. Sometimes the questions are of a personal nature while others are of a broader spiritual nature, such as where do crop circles come from and what happen when we sleep.

Some people believe in channeling and others people don’t. However, it must be becoming more acceptable since the book and movie, The Secret, is based on the channeling of Abraham Hicks.

What differentiate the two channels are Abraham Hicks talks extensively about the Law of Attraction. When questions are asked by the audience the response is filtered through the Law of Attraction. You are the creator of your experiences and you have the ability to create what you wish. You are always creating either by default or by design. Why not create what you desire instead? The Light Collective also takes questions from the audience and talks about how we’ve created our current situation, however, but the Light Collective will access spirits (alive and passed over) for the answers you seek. They will answer questions regarding your health, which job offer to take etc.

Getting back to Osama bin Laden. At the last forum he had recently been killed and so the question was asked about him.

Q; I have a question about the death of Osama Bin Laden. Is there any further truth that we are not aware of?

A: There are many things that have been told about the planning behind his death. Of course there are things that you are not aware of. There was more talk than you were told about between more agencies.

He is, in fact, quite dead. Of course he is not quite dead, he had moved to another dimension in which he is analyzing how wise his decisions were. This will take him a considerable period of time. He was quite surprised to discover that he was so wrong about why he was doing things.

Q: Were there any virgins waiting for Osama Bin Laden?

A: That was one of his surprises of course.

Q: No virgins?

A: There are very few spirit virgins.

Well now, that makes sense. We’re eternal spiritual beings who have lived many lives. Sometimes we came here to earth as a man and sometimes as a woman. It would be silly to think that through all those lives we remained a virgin. Plus, in the spirit world we don’t have bodies, we’re energy.

I would have loved to know exactly what he was wrong about but that’s another question to ask. If you would like to attend a forum to ask your own question you can check out Kathryn’s website for the details. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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