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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Money is the Route to Freedom

It gives us freedom to do what we want. It takes away fear. It’s what will give you all the tangible things you desire.

Desiring money tends to get a bad rap but that typically comes from the viewpoint of how you were raised and what influenced you when you were growing up. You may have been brought up to believe that money is the route of all evil or that money doesn’t grow on trees. The fact is money is energy and it doesn’t care what you do with it. It isn’t money that gives money a bad rap but the entity that uses it. It makes you more of what you already are. Therefore, the guy who is greedy by nature will become greedier if he has more money. Likewise the person who has always been a compassionate person will find more ways to show their compassion. The bad rap emerged because history is filled with people, companies, and government that have used it for power or control and nobody likes that. It also can be viewed as a source of security. However, all these viewpoints come from a place of fear whereas when it comes from a place of freedom it’s coming from a love based emotion.

The word freedom means not to have an attachment to something; free to come and go with no limitations or restrictions. Therefore, if you’re holding yourself back from being all that you can be because you think it will change you, ask yourself if you like yourself just the way you are, more money will make you more of what you already are. What great things could you do and be if you had more money? What could you do to help out people you care about if you had more money like buying a new house for your Mom or sending your parents on a European vacation? You would have more choices, more fun.

If you haven’t noticed, most celebrities, professional athletes and business owners have a favorite cause or charity that they are involved in. They are grateful for what they have and want to share what they can with others. Money for them has been a route to freedom, freedom to do and be what they choose. Now, wouldn’t you like to be on the route to freedom?

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