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Sunday, July 11, 2010

What is the Avatar Message?

If you listen closely to the movie you could to with any number of messages. Let’s see, there is the disregard and disrespect of another person’s way of life, how there are more important things than the possession of things, or your way isn’t always the right or best way. There probably are more but the one I connected with and had the most impact was the message that they were all connected. The trees, animals, plant life and environment were all connected through the source and that source was Eywa.

Eywa to me is like Mother Nature here. She is always in perfect harmony and that is what they said Eywa did – keep everything in balance, harmony. But the interesting part is that they were physically connected. In the movie they used colors and the cord receptors from the Na’vi natives to the animal to illustrate the point. Through this connection the Na’vi could feel the animal and become one with it. Everything has a life force, not human, but still a life force.

This is interesting because here on earth everything has a life force too. Everything is energy but in a different form. Energy never disappears, it just changes form. It always exists. The molecular structure of a rock or wood has movement (energy) within it but at a very slow rate. The same goes for the chair you’re sitting on and the pen you hold in your hand. Plant life also has molecular movement but it moves quite a bit faster. The interior of a human being has an even faster energy movement and yet to the naked eye it appears as if all these things are motionless.

It says in the Bible that we were formed from dust and from dust we shall return. The same goes for all living things; animals, plant life, even water recycles.

How we here on earth are connected is evidence through the Butterfly Effect which basically states that even one butterfly can have an effect on our world even though it’s thousands of miles away. You can read more about this effect by doing a search for Butterfly Effect on the internet.

We humans affect water. All you have to do look into the work of Masaru Emoto to know that our thoughts and language effects water at the molecular level as shown in the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know. But you don’t have to watch the movie just to view the crystal images that were transformed through music and language; you can watch this video and see for yourself.


What I think is interesting is since we are made up of 70% water, how is our language, the conversations we have and the music we listen to effecting our bodies? I also wonder what effect tattoos have on our bodies.

Are we also connected to our surroundings just like the Na’vi people? I’d like to know what you think after you watch the Messages in Water video.

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