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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life isn’t fair. Who said it was supposed to be?

It just doesn’t seem fair that your sister is better looking than you

It doesn’t seem fair that you brother is smarter than you, or is he?

Life isn’t fair. Who said it was supposed to be? In fact, it is not about being fair. It’s about doing the best with what you have. However, sometimes people are so focused on what others have that they don’t see the fine qualities that they possess.

If they did they’d realize that even though their sister is better looking and their brother is really smart- they have different qualities that the other two aren’t as gifted in. It could be that they have the ability to connect with others in a short about of time. Or that they have been blessed with the ability to speak well, to use well crafted words to illicit the response and emotion that they intended. These aren’t things that are measures in educational system and yet they are a tremendous asset.

A case or push needs to be done to address this omission of these under looked talents that people posses. Credit needs to be given to those who are people, nature, body, verbal, emotional, social, picture and music smart instead of basing someone’s intelligence strictly on logic which is evident in the sciences. Life isn’t just about science, math, and reading. Don’t get me wrong, these are all important. However, what about all the people who aren’t talented in those subjects? They go through the school system believing that they won’t be successful just because they didn’t excel in the core subjects. They aren’t failures. What about building up their self esteem by giving them credit for what they are talented in?

Everyone is talented in something. Sometimes you have to look deeper to figure out where you stand out. Ask yourself which of the intelligences you excel in. Pinpoint exactly what it is that makes that great. Figure out how you can you that to your advantage. Lastly, design your life around what you are naturally gifted in.

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