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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Dog Lessons

We could Learn a Lot From Dogs

First off there’s forgiveness.  It doesn’t matter how bad a dog is treated he wants so much to have your acceptance and approval that he’ll come back to you.  He may roll over and submit, rub his nose under your hand as if to say pet me or lick any part of your body like he’s trying to say I’m sorry.  It’s sweet and how can you not forgive him when he’s just turned around and gave you his affection even though he’s misbehaved.  Too bad people aren’t as quick to say I’m sorry and give forgiveness to each other

Second, when he’s making amends with all those gesture he’s killing you with his kindness.  The slight tilt of his head, the pink tongue hanging out and the sad eyes sure do work in his favor.  How can you resist?

Third, the need for affection is amazing. What dog doesn’t like to be petted and have his tummy rubbed? Then there’s the out of now where lick on your hand, face, leg, you name it.  Let’s not forget the cuddling, if you can call it that. It’s when the dog likes to lie right next to you. In some instances he basically takes any area around, top, or side of you and lies across your body. Whatever position he finds most comfortable.  Sometimes I think they believed your part of the furniture.

Forgiveness, kindness, and affection - sounds like love to me.  I believe every part of nature is here for a purpose.  Maybe dogs were put here to show us what love looks like.

Your thoughts? 

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