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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Your Actions are like a Boomerang

It’s been said many times in different ways but it basically means the same thing.

·         Karma.

·         You reap what you sow

·         What comes around goes around.

·         The Law of Attraction. 

It all means the same thing and it bears repeating because people aren’t getting it.  You get back what you give. 
For example there’s the women who is upset when she’s not respected, chances are she’s not respecting herself because she’d allowing someone to treat her badly. She needs to respect herself enough to do whatever it takes to get address it or get away from that person or situation.
Or, the guy who vents that the world is racist yet doesn’t see that he’s racist against another group. He doesn’t get that if he wants the world to change, it starts with him. He must become what he wants the world to be.
Morgan Freeman gets it, “If you want to stop racism stop talking about it”.
How about the person who is always asking for a hand out but never takes the initiative to help others? Why should anyone care about you when you don’t care enough about yourself to improve your situation?
See a pattern here?
What goes around comes around. It’s the Law of Attraction at work.  You get back what you think about most.  If you believe you’re frequently disrespected than that’s what you’ll see through your lens, disrespect. Your view will be steered to the times you’re disrespected instead of remembering how many times you were respected. The same goes for anything else.
Call it what you will but life has a way of balancing itself out. It may appear that life is unfair but I’ve found that eventually the person or company who treated me badly, cut me off in traffic, discriminated against me etc. gets what they deserve. It may take a few years but they do reap what they sow  
Remember the boomerang is designed to return to you.

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