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Monday, March 14, 2011

Did the Tsunami Get Your Attention?

Oh Yeah, what devastation! I really feel for all the people affected by it and its amazing when something like this happens how many people know someone affected by it either directly or indirectly. But what make this Tsunami effect us more, is it because it also affected the U.S., that Japan is our ally or something else? I think it’s all the above but more than anything it was the something else and that was the Arial footage of the catastrophe. It gave us a visual picture of what something like this looks like as its happening, most of the time you see the beginning of the event and the then the after footage of the event but rarely the overhead view of it actually happening. You saw the houses and boats torn apart being carried along with the current like props in a sci-fi movie but his was not movie, it was reality. The power of nature is astounding and it really puts you in your place, or does it?

What is even more amazing is that you are a spiritual being, created in God’s image, and are as powerful. You are a powerful creator of not only your physical life but the events and circumstances you create. Now that can be both scary and exciting at the same time. Creating a new invention, bridging the gap between relationships or showing kindness at just the right moment is just as powerful as a tsunami. It may not appear to be that way in the physical world but in the spiritual world it’s “A” number one.

The Tsunami got your attention but how much attention you put on it will determine your own circumstances. Where attention goes energy flows. Therefore, if you don’t’ want something like this to happen to you, go ahead and help these people out in the way you can but realize that it isn’t your situation and it never will be. When the media starts bring attention to other places where the same thing could occur, turn the channel. Don’t bring any attention to this type of event. You create consciously or subconsciously whether you want the outcome or not. It’s the law.

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