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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it

We live our life by default or by design, by chance or by choice. Which one would you rather have? Would you rather drift through life letting the circumstances that arise dictate your life or would you rather take the bull by the horns and steer it to where you want to go? You can. You have the power to make your life whatever you want it to be. Be the author instead of the reader. When given the choice, and it is your choice, most people would rather be in control of their destiny. It's not always easy; anything worth having doesn't come easily. You must commit yourself to your cause and do whatever it takes to reach your goal. If the goal is to get a college education and along the way there are setbacks, take it for what it is, a setback not a give up. Keep the long term goal in mind. Bit by bit and day by day you will continue to get closer to your goal. In the process you will not have only achieved what you want, but in the end you will have gained something much more, confidence, determination, perseverance, and a sense of accomplishment. These are qualities that will be embodied in you and carry you through anything for the rest of your life. Now isn't that worth designing your life for?

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