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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What do You Stand for?

What do you stand for? People today are too afraid to take a stand. I'm not referring to environmental, political, or humane causes. There are people who do take a stand in those areas, but it had to start somewhere. I'm referring to the day to day occurrences that happen to people every day. Someone cuts in line. Do you stand there and let it happen or do call the person on it? Not in a rude way but in an informative way. I say it like that because if you are rude you'll attract the same thing back. If you inform the other person, you give the person the benefit of the doubt. It may not change the situation but then again you could learn that the person didn't notice, had other things on his/her mind, or has an emergency situation. Ideally, the offending person apologizes and takes notice to not do it in the future. How about taking a stand to have integrity in your workplace? It has to start somewhere. If you want to work in an atmosphere of integrity and respect, you have to take a stand to hold everyone to that standard, including yourself.

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