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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Everybody Makes Mistakes

EVERYBODY makes mistakes. EVERYONE has those days.

It’s what you do afterwards that separates the winners from the losers, the “haves” from the “has beens”.

It comes down to choices. You can choose to dwell in the negative aspect of the issue or make a choice to learn from it and move on

Quite a few people without even being conscious of it, continue to dwell on the mistakes they’ve made like continuously bringing up a failed relationship, job or what could have been. They’re living in the past. By bringing up the details and hence the feelings that accompanied the situation, the person is basically reliving it. Well, you can’t improve your future if you’re always living in the past. It’s best to learn from the mistake, let it go and move on.

Everyone makes mistakes and this one is yours. Own up to it. The hardest part is accepting the mistake and being able to consciously and unconsciously acknowledge it. “Boy did I screw up”. When you can accept it within that framework you’re half way there. The next part is to figure out what went wrong and vow not to get sucked into that kind of mistake again.

You see you’ll keep making these kinds of mistakes until you learn the lesson, over and over again. It’s like the guy who complains that his wife or girlfriend is a drama queen so he breaks it off only to get another woman who is also a drama queen, same brand - different model. Everyone else can see the similarities in the women even though he swears this new gal is different. He needs to find a different brand.

Finally, you’re not alone. As perfect as everyone else may appear to be, everyone makes mistakes. Some people just know how to brush it off and keep move on.

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