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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Are you Accepting or Tolerant?

Are you Accepting or Tolerant?

Some people would believe that they’re one and the same but they’re not.

There’s so much talk now about being tolerant but really the people who are advocating for tolerance actually want acceptance.

What’s the difference?

Tolerance is coming from the mindset that you will put up with a viewpoint, position and/or way of life that you really don’t care for or agree with while acceptance comes from love.

Acceptance is separating the viewpoint, position or way of life from the person. It loves the person despite the difference or disagreement you have about the person’s viewpoint, position and/or way of life.

The difference is HUGE in its concept and use.

The word tolerant in itself whispers of resistance. It assumes that a person’s viewpoint is wrong and therefore it must be corrected by forcing a person to be tolerant of an opposing viewpoint.  When a person is shamed into being tolerant there’s an internal compass that still remains telling the person this is wrong and hence resentment is born. The person is forced into doing and being something they’re not. In reality NOTHING really has changed.

Acceptance is different in that it advocates for people respecting other people’s choices even if they don’t agree with them. In an acceptance environment it would be perfectly acceptable to disagree with the viewpoint, position and/or way of life, not in a mean or put down kind of way, but matter of fact. I’m me and you’re you. It’s okay that we disagree. I don’t have to like or agree with your viewpoint. You go along with your business and I’ll go along with mine. I’ll respect your viewpoint, position, or way of life if you respect mine. 

The world would be a much better place if people practiced acceptance versus advocating for tolerance.

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