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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Good Always Wins

Have you ever notices in movies that good always comes out on top, coincidence, planned? Nope. It’s in the Bible. Good will win. Why?

It’s actually quite simple. Good is associated with love. Anything coming from the emotion of love has a higher vibration than any other emotion. It’s even been proven that it takes more energy to have negative thoughts then it does positive ones. It takes more muscles in your face to frown than it does to smile. Imagine if people were more in a positive mood than a negative one.

Is this by design? I think so. We’re meant to be loving human beings. It’s our natural state and that’s why we instinctively root for good. Anything else goes against our spiritual state. When weren’t not in line with it we’re a bit off and don’t function as smoothly as designed. Negative emotions are like poison to our spiritual self.  It’s like eating food that’s not good for you. You tend to feel a bit sluggish and your body doesn’t operate as optimal as possible.

When you’re in a funk do what gets you in a better mood. It could be talking to a friend, a walk in nature or listening to a favorite song. Whatever works for you?

Food for thought; feed yourself positive thoughts; emit love through kind words and actions. Good will win.

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