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Monday, May 19, 2014

What Would You do if You Only had a Few Months to Live?

You'd probably list all the things you want to do in your short life; Do the things you've always wanted to do, say the things you've always wanted to say but for some reason it never materialized, be the person you only thought you could be. Why not live it now? If you were going to die in a year you would have lived everything on that list. Now that you know you have your whole life before you, you may as well spend your whole life living what you want. That is the most valuable list you could have.

What is really important to people when they are facing the end of their life? The answer seems clear: they have lived according to their core values, meaning how much love did they give and receive in their life. They also, wanted to feel somehow that the world is richer for their presence. Don't we all want that? What would we do if only we gave ourselves the time and authority? How much of what we truly wish for ourselves do we pursue? And do we have to be on our death beds to know what's important?

What's your purpose? It’s your map and guide to finding the answers to all these questions.

"One Purpose", Richard Jacobs

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