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Monday, May 5, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring is here and along with it comes all the planting of different types of gardens. My garden has always been flowers. For years I wasn't very good at it but then a friend gave me a few tips. The one I couldn't understand was that I had to prune and dead-head in order to make the flowers bloom more. You see, even if one of my plants was on its death bed, if it had only one flower on it, I'd try to revive it. When my friend wanted to prune it I went nuts because then there would no proof left that I could actually grow something.

As every good gardener knows, pruning and dead-heading actually redirects the energy of the plant from trying to revive it, which is a losing battle, to redirecting the energy to new growth. Mmm... Aren't people sometimes like that?

We can spend so much time and energy working on something that isn't going to work out any better than it is now. It would be far better to cut that tie and redirect our energy into something that would work so much better. Companies do this all the time. When they see a product or service that is no longer as popular, they may keep the products that are the top sellers and then eliminate the rest. In doing so, they now have the energy and resources to develop and sell a new product.

In relationships you may have people that you really like and would like to become even closer to. However, as the relationship develops you discover that the other person isn't as willing to take it to the next level. Instead of trying to push this person into a relationship they're not ready for, it would be better to leave this person as an acquaintance/friend and move onto finding someone else who is better equipped to fulfill your needs.

How does your garden grow? Do you need to do some pruning?

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