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Monday, April 14, 2014

Free will is your natural way of being. You naturally have the freedom to choose and that’s why freedom is so important. It’s the human races true essence. It’s right up there with love.

That’s why there’s such a struggle going on in the world today. Actually it’s always been there it just changes how it looks. There are those who want to retain or gain their freedom while some believe they need to “take care of” others, that they know what’s best for you and with that come the loss of freedom.

No wonder there’s such a push back on it. For example if a person chooses to donate money to Cause they feel strongly about that’s free will in motion. However, if the government dictates your money should go to a Cause you oppose then you no longer are practicing free will because it’s not your choice.  When you’re coming from a place of freedom to choose it just feels right.

There is a price for freedom. It could be your rights, your privacy or even death.

The good news is in the end freedom always wins. It has to. It has a higher energy vibration than it’s opposite.

You never really know what you want until it’s gone and the world keeps giving us examples of what we don’t want so we can decide what we do want. That is why knowing the truth is so important. If the facts are fabricated or incomplete it’s difficult to make a wise decision or to learn from mistakes.

When we know the truth we can execute our free will and decide for ourselves.

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