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Monday, April 7, 2014

Rock On!


That’s the way I feel anyway. You know the saying about how the spirit is wiling but the body isn’t, that’s me.  The spirit is still going strong but the nuts and bolts about making it happen tends to lose energy from time to time.

So, I put on some high energy music on to get me pumped up again.  Eventually it works and before long I’m ready to take on the world. Think Rocky with his arms raised up in the air at the top of the steps.

Sometimes we all get in a funk. What motivates you? I find music is a real good mood regulator. It can take me from a ho-hum attitude to singing at the top of my lungs in just a few songs.
What boosts your morale? Is it music, nature, physical activity or being around enjoyable people?

When you’re in a slump, do what brings you out of it.


(Brought to you by your inner happy place)

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