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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Which is Stronger, Will or Skill?

I vote for “will.”
Nothing frustrates and saddens me more than when I see someone with the skill to long jump further than the actual athletes but doesn’t want to pursue their obvious talent or the brightest well read expert on history that would rather hoard their knowledge than share it. What a rip off for the world.
They have the skill but not the will.
Conversely I’ve witnessed employees and fellow athletes that weren’t necessarily the best at their skill but they had so much drive, desire and will power to do whatever it took to improve that guess what, they did.
You see skill can be taught and learned but will cannot. That’s an internal mechanism that the individual controls.  It can be ignited by some inspiring words, book, video etc but ultimately the individual is responsible for keeping the flame going.
Without the will you won’t succeed in your endeavor. It’s important to be passionate about what you do.
Bottom line, if your heart isn’t in it don’t waste your time, money or anyone else’s if you don’t have the heart to see it through.

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