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Monday, January 6, 2014

Everything’s Connected

So when you do or say something it affects others. For example sometimes an employee will call in sick just in spite because he got ticked off at someone or something in the company. His mind set is that they’ve been hurt in some way and now the company will have to pay. However in reality it affects his co-workers more than anyone else along with their customers and then ultimately the business. The co-worker in return is ticked off because now they have to pick up the slack and the “sick” individual loses their respect.  What does this accomplish?

The main point being is your actions and words do have a ripple effect on your surroundings whether you’re aware of it or not. Therefore it’s important to be conscious of what you say and do. Everything is connected.

The flip side to that is when you’re feeling down and you come across someone who says a kind word or does a kind gesture, you pick up their positive energy and start to feel better. You begin to feel a bit lighter and happier. If it’s not positive energy your best bet is to excuse yourself and make like a tree and leave.

Lesson- Everything is connected and you’re always sending out a ripple effect. Send out good waves.

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