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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Greatest Love of All

The Greatest Love of All

That phrase reminds me of a song from Whitney Houston.

What is the greatest love? That’s a tough one. My first thought would be unconditional love like the one parents feel about their children but the Law of One teaches us that it’s the ability to forgive and accept.

How can that be? It got me thinking about and I realized that loving a child is much easier than to forgive someone who has done you wrong. That’s hard – really hard.

A child comes into this world innocent and needing your care in order to survive. Her smiles and hugs sustain and reinforce the love you have for her. As she grows and goes through life’s ups and downs you’re still there loving her, but what happens when she gets into the wrong crowd, starts using drugs and next thing you know she’s hooked on meth?  You find out she’s wiped out your saving account, maxed out your credit cards and you’re faced with unbelievable debt. The emotional toll is unbearable. Do you still love her? Do you forgive her or is there some hesitation because you can’t handle the hurt she’s caused you?

How about when you’ve discovered that the person you’ve had an intimate relationship with for 15 years has been having an affair. Not only has the person been having an affair but this isn’t the first one and now you find out you have an STD. Looking back the signs were all there but you were so in love so you brushed them off. Now you realize that you’ve been lied to. Your whole relationship was a farce. You were committed but the other person wasn’t. But there’s a light. The person is sorry for their mistakes, states it will never happen again, will do anything it takes to make it work, begs, even pleads, for you take them back. How do you forgive the person and move on when you have so much hurt inside you? How do you trust this person again?

How about when someone intentionally or accidently kills your loved one. Perhaps it was a drunk driver or a fight that got out of hand. At any rate the person you love is gone, taken too soon. How to you find strength to forgive the person responsible for you loss? How do you find the greatest love then to forgive them?

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