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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Solution for a Happy Stress Free Life

Everyone has problems but have you noticed that while for some it takes over their life while others don’t seem to let it bother them? What I find amazing is that there are a lot of people who bring it on themselves.  They always look at life as the glass is half full. They complain about what is happening at home, work, school, friends, you name it, all the while blaming the people or situations they’re in as the instigator of the problem. Many times the facts aren’t even known or are sifted through their worldview and have created a distorted view of the issue. 

I’d like to address what started the problem in the first place because that’s the real issue at hand. It happens all the time, first in the home, then school onto work, society, community at large and even world events. What am I referring to? It’s minding your own business.

Think about that for a moment. How many arguments or disagreements have you found yourself in because you or someone else got into your business or you into theirs? How many times has someone made you feel bad about the decisions you’ve made? What’s it to them? How many times have you become upset over what someone else was doing whether it’s at home, work, school etc? Whose business is it anyway? If it doesn’t directly affect you then it’s none of your business.

Most people will recognize when someone is getting into their business but don’t realize when they’re doing it to someone else. A good indicator would be to hypothetically switch places and see how you’d react in their shoes.

The solution to a happier stress-free life - mind your own business.

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