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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Choose the positive

Everything, and I do mean everything, has a negative and a positive to it. You can list all the positive traits about your friend and also list some traits that bug you. Every career has a plus and minus to it and it doesn’t stop there.

Plants and flowers can be great to look at, have a nice aroma, medical benefits and yet for some people they’re dreaded because of the pollen they produce. Animals also have pros and cons whether wild or domestic. Wild animals can provide food but can be destructive to fields and land. Domestic cattle, sheep and pigs provide many benefits but each has their own set of drawbacks to produce.

The same goes with the items we use on a day to day basis. Vehicles are great for getting us from one location to another but used in a malicious or irresponsible manner can become a tool for intimidation and destructive behavior. Knives help us cut various items from food to ropes but can also be used to cause harm to another person. Guns are the same. They can be used to protect and provide food but also to harm others.  How you choose to use these items is your sole responsibility. Good or bad it’s up to you

It’s all a matter of perspective. Everyone is responsible for the choices they make. You can choose the positive or the negative, the good the bad, the plus or minus.  Choose the positive.

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