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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Money Talks- It Makes You More of Who You Already Are

I don’t get it. There are people who assume that if you become rich or are already rich that you automatically are or will become greedy. I don’t know of anywhere that is depicted more than in movies. The strange thing is producers are typically very rich.   

An increase in money only makes you more of who you are. If you like to travel you’ll travel more. If your hobby is cars you’ll buy more cars. If you like to help out in your community you’ll get to help it out even more.

Case in point, if you won 5 million dollars in the lottery how would you spend it? Most people will take care of themselves, family and spread out from there to fulfill dreams or causes dear to them. Now how is that greedy?

What about the people who are already rich. They’ve already done the above and want to continue to do so by keeping the money flowing. The Law of Attractions is really working for them because every time they GIVE as in spending money, giving to charity or investing they RECEIVE in increased value of investments or someone helping them out. In order to receive you have to give. As Zig Zigler’s famous sayings goes, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”  Rich people can help out a lot of business and industries therefore they keep getting rewarded for it.

Money is neutral. It doesn’t care where it goes, in fact, it wants to be used. What people are really referring to when they say money makes you greedy is Power. The fact is money gives you power. The more money you have the more luxury you have of saying yes or no without much consequence. What some rich people do is use their money to give them more power but that kind of thought is misguided because people have become powerful without money. Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dali Lama and MLK all come to mind. They weren’t rich but they were very influential in that they could get others to respond to their call to action with just words.

Money isn’t the enemy it’s your friend because you will put to good use, right? It’s the power that can come with it that you have to watch out for.

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