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Monday, October 21, 2013

You’re Exposed

You’re Exposed

Well not in the literal sense but in your true self. The way you are in your normal day to day activities as well as how you’d like to be seen. If you’re a flashy or shy person, generous or stingy, outgoing or introvert, barely making it through the day or believe life is a piece of cake.

How? An observant person could catch some of these traits but it would take some time.  There’s a faster and easier way to tell who you are and how you show up in the world. It shows up in two different ways in your hands, yep your hands. One is what you do with them and the other is your blueprint.

Law enforcement will sometimes have someone analyze your handwriting. The hand analysis expert will be able tell, with enough samples, things like your general mood at the time of the writing, whether you’re ill, arrogant, sincere and even if you’re emotionally unstable, plus a host of other traits as well.  Yep it all shows up. Interesting huh! This information is beneficial for wanting to know about a person than what they’re willing to divulge. Business’ have tried to use it for hiring purposes but were legally blocked. From their perspective, it certainly would be good to know if the person you’re thinking about hiring is trust worthy or emotionally unstable. By the way, closing the loops on your letters (a, d, o, and p) indicates you can keep a secret.

The other way to lay bear your true essence is to have your hands read by a palmist. Your hands tell a great deal about who you are and who you want to be. Each hand is different. Check it out for yourself. Cup them a bit and you’ll see some lines more pronounced in one than the other. Your dominate hand indicates what you’re doing with your life while the other hand is the blueprint of what you wish to be. It’s your road map. Ideally both hands should look very similar. It means you would be right on track for what you spiritually came here to do.

Did you really think you were put here on earth without a clue of what you were to do while you’re here? God is smart. Since we’re unable to communicate effectively with the spirit world as our guide, we were given a road map that is literally right in the palm of our hands.

Try it. I recommend going to a reputable palmist to discover your own road map. See if you’re on track or veering off course. She’ll be able to tell you your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Are you wasting your time in your current endeavor or are you on track?

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