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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We’ll Never Run Out of Oil

It’s impossible. The Law of Attraction won’t allow it. We think about oil all the time.  Every time there’s a news report to scare us about the shortage of oil there’s an even greater conscious collective ensuring that it still exists in one form or another.

That’s the power of the Law of Attraction.  It continues to create that which it’s fed.  There are just a far greater number of people who wish to continue to use oil as we know it versus those who are forcing the issue of alternative fuel.  To force the issue isn’t allowing the natural order of the universe to work its magic.  The economic theory of supply and demand is using the natural order to create the oil too.  Thoughts become things and right now the majority of the thoughts are on producing more oil.

Now that’s not to say that alternate fuel should be banished, it just hasn’t reached its natural order of evolution.  It’s time will come.  

History has proven that when something is needed, all thoughts tend to go in that direction and suddenly, if by magic, what has taken years to research and develop suddenly becomes a reality. It’s the Law of Attraction at work.

We could take a clue from nature.  It’s always in perfect harmony.  Through the millions of years that our planet has existed it’s always contained the same ingredients of water, dirt and plant life. Sure some plants and animals have come and gone but those that have remained have adapted to their surroundings and branched out to form new species.  The ones that died out served their purpose for that time period.  Nature continues to evolve but remains in harmony with itself. 

Why wouldn’t our situation be the same? Do we force alternative fuel or do we let the natural order of evolution run its course?

Supply and demand really does work.  It should be applied to our economic environment as well. Therefore bailing out institutions and companies because they got themselves into a bind is messing with the natural order of the Law of Attraction. Don’t be surprised if those same companies fail again.  Maybe they were meant to fail in order for something else to be created.  Remember nature is always in perfect harmony.  When a species dies out it’s because it hasn’t learned to adapt. Why wouldn’t companies be the same? The ones that do remain for years are those that have learned to adapt.  Did the bail outs just prolong the evitable, your thoughts?

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