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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Egypt’s Power of Intent

Wow! Did you notice how fast things changed in Egypt once so many people focused on what they wanted? It was pure power of intent. The Law of Attraction manifested right before our eyes. That is the power of “All in One.”
How did it happen and so quickly? There were so many people whose sole intent or focus was getting rid of their leader that the universe had no choice but to make it happen. It’s a universal law. They were clear that they didn’t want this person in power anymore. They were intent on making it happen and they kept focusing on their desired results and that’s what they got. Their leader is no longer in power. They got what they wanted not what they didn’t want, their leader gone.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. What will take its place? This is where things tend to fall apart when governments collapse because there is no clear vision for what they want. Not only does the vision have to be clear, it has to be united and that is usually why the new vision doesn’t take hold. The vision either isn’t clear enough and/or there aren’t enough people who are united in the vision.

I often think that is why some governments fail while others thrive. The people really do have a say even if it’s not part of their constitution. Monarchies, dictatorships and communism don’t last because the people eventually decide they don’t want it anymore. They become united in thought to overthrow the government they no longer want. The government’s that come up with a clear cut vision that is supported by the people is the one that will come out ahead. They all become united as one.

What does Egypt need now? They need a leader who will unite the people with a vision that they can rally behind versus something that is thrust upon them. Good luck Egypt.

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