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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What You Focus on is What You Get

If you focus on the high gas prices, unemployment, war, natural disasters, and the downturn in the economy then that is all you'll see and you'll get more of the same. However, when you start focusing on the two houses that just got sold on your block, the friend who got a new job, the outpouring of relief that people are willing to give, then that is what you'll see and then that is what you'll see more of. The economy always goes up and down. There will always be natural disasters, and there always seems to be a war going on somewhere on earth. That is the nature on humans and life on earth. What can you change? You can change your perception and put out into the universe your view on how things could be. Instead of being anti-war, be pro-peace. Instead of thinking about how bad the economy is, think about it as going through a rough patch and focus on the light at the tunnel. Our ancestors went through more than we ever did. Other countries are in worse shape than we are. Face it. We're spoiled. We don't want to suffer yet those before us have and for citizens of other countries it's a fact of life. Get over yourself! Put out into the universe the positive things about life.

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