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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

7 Figure Income and NOT Doing What Warms Her Heart

Awhile back I was listening to one of the many teleseminars I listen to when the presenter made a comment that really floored me.

She is a person who helps others increase their level of income. In fact, she recently had jumped from a 6 figure income to a 7 figure income. She went onto say how this level of income can dramatically change your life so that eventually you can do what you came here to do.  Basically what you really want to do deep down in your soul.

Let me get this straight. She's making a 7 figure income and she isn't even doing what would really give her the most pleasure, joy and happiness.

How is that possible?  I'll tell you how. She has not only been getting by by using her greatest talents, she is excelling at them. AMAZING. I can relate. I've been doing the same thing only not to the level of success she has done it. Imagine though if she were not only using her talents to the best ability, but that she was involved in the field that would really give her the most satisfaction. How great that would be!

By aligning what your naturally gifted in with your passionate interest, you can find the bliss that would really warm your heart and put a skip in your step.

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